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Internet / Networks

Internet problems can be very frustrating, new equipment you are expected to install that looks a bit intimidating, slow or no internent connection and on top of that there's that person on the end of the phone you've tried calling for Repairs from your internet service provider talking gobbly gook- AAAHHHHHH!

Rest assured over 15 years I've remedied more internet problems and installed more internet equipment than most of you have had hot dinners, give me a call and your as good as sorted. (7days to 10 p.m.) Chris Judd B.Sc. O7803 178 247

Home / Business Networks

Today many homes use wireless to enable not only internet but to share peripherals such as printers or simply for file sharing. I have extensive experience of networking and trouble shooting the networks of smaller business's via cable and wireless, give me a ring to discuss your requirements.